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Dock Square

Marching To The Beat of Memorial Day
The annually Memorial Day Parade in Kennebunkport is a time for natives & visitors alike to pay their respects to for all who have serve in the arm forces. It's a great time to soak up the annual town festival of cheer & celebration. There's great people watching besides listing to the speakers in the heart of Dock Square to watching the marching bands & other local organizations. You never know who your going to see from the Bush Family to an old childhood friend. It's a great morning out in this famous coastal town in Maine to celebrate a very patriotic holiday.

Fishing Village turned Quaint Town
Nothing screams typical New England more than Kennebunkport, Maine.

Spend an afternoon walking around Dock Square and all the little shops tucket away in these old wood buildings. Grab lunch at one of the many amazing restaurants in town and then watch the sunset from one of the beaches just around the corner.

Dock Square, Maine, USA