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Chihuly Garden and Glass

Glass Act: Dale Chihuly
I didn't expect to like the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, because it seemed like yet another overpriced Seattle attraction. But I was pleasantly surprised by this colorful, photography-friendly collection of the one-eyed glass artist's work. The Northwest room, with its ceramics, textile art, Pendleton blankets, and photography of Native Americans, is a nod to the traditional arts that inspired Chihuly's work. Playful, brightly colored glass is everywhere: oversized spheres piled into a rowboat, sea creatures and undulating glass ribbons that evoke the movement of the ocean, and fanciful "flowers" in the outdoor garden.

The gift shop is large, with a nice selection of gifts, novelties, and Pendleton blankets. King County residents get a $4 discount off admission. Great for visitors, residents, and anyone who has a nice digital camera they're itching to try out.

Glass Gardens
The recently opened Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle is one of the most amazing art experiences I've ever had. It was one gorgeous room after another filled with Chihuly's work, each room with a theme like sea life or flowers. The rooms eventually gave way to a garden where glass sculptures were incorporated into the landscaping.

Enter the phantasmical world of the greatest glass sculpturist, Chihuly
I have always been a huge Chihuly fan but having only really seen his works as separate pieces, and in books, this was a mind-blowing experience. He really was a genius, and his use of color against dark spaces, created the most incredibly, fantasy journey through his work. This is a must-see and an incredibly profound experience. I probably sound dramatic but just go for yourself and see. You won't want to leave.

Eye Dazzling
All things glass come to life here with these stunning installations. You walk from room to room taking in illuminated beauty of colors and designs. You can listen to Dale Chihuly through audio streaming via your own cell phone as he explains each installation. You will want to take many photos!

Chihuly Gardens and Glass
“I never met a color I did not like.” Dale Chihuly

As soon as you enter the Chihuly space , there is a magnificent piece of glass You turn around and an explosion of color and light appears.I walk through the galleries in awe of seeing so many beautiful pieces in one place. Even the idea that hot glass pushed through a pipe, can be shaped in such extraordinary ways is fascinating. The exhibition includes indoor and outdoor spaces as well as a glass atrium. The pieces work perfectly to heighten the spirit of the environment. for more info and photos go to http://travelwellflysafe.com/2014/09/15/chihuly-garden-and-glass-seattle-washington/

Worth It!
Like many other people, I thought Chihuly Garden and Glass would be touristy and over done. It's not! Instead, it's beautifully presented and a true experience. My only wish is that the museum was bigger so I could spend more time here. The colors are beautiful, the lighting is moving, and the presentation is unique. Worth it for visitors and locals alike!

Chihuly Garden and Glass
This collection of artist Dale Chihuly’s studio glass in the Seattle Center is a dazzling display of brilliant hues and shapes. Brightly colored works hang from the ceiling or bubble up from the ground: oversized spheres, sea creatures and undulating glass ribbons that evoke the ocean and fanciful "flowers" in the outdoor garden. The Northwest room with its textile art, Pendleton blankets and photography of Native Americans is a nod to the traditions that inspired Chihuly's work.

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