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An Instagram Tour of Germany (In 12 Photos)

By Maggie Fuller

Sep 28, 2015

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Last week, Gaby Dalkin from What’s Gaby Cooking took over @afarmedia‘s Instagram feed for a few days and took us all on an incredible, edible journey through Germany. From cheese in Munich to bratwursts in Weimar to cookies in Frankfurt, it was a true food lover’s dream. Here are her highlights.

1. Munich, Germany (Pictured above)

I’m so pumped to be taking over the AFAR insta for the next few days! I just got back from an epic culinary adventure through Germany and I’m so excited to share it with you! Get ready…first stop: MUNICH!”

2. Schloss Nymphenburg

“I stayed at the cutest little B&B right next door to the Nymphenburg Palace—not a shabby view for a morning walk, huh? Who wants to check out the inside of the Palace?”

3. Inside Schloss Nymphenburg

“How’d you like to entertain in this grand hall? And Nymphenburg was only the Bavarian rulers’ summer palace. Can you even imagine the soirees that used to take place here?”

4. Dallmayr Delikatessenhaus

“Okay now that we’ve taken a little tour of the palace… let’s eat! A trip to Munich isn’t complete without a visit to Dallmayr. Imagine a gourmet food market with a champagne and oyster bar on one end and a cute dining area on the 2nd floor. I could get lost in this cheese case! P.S., Dallmayr is home to some of the most delicious coffee and tea ever.”

5. Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich


“Here’s my favorite Munich tip that I learned from our guide: the Hotel Bayerischer Hof has the best views of the entire city. Hop up to their top floor and grab a cup of tea or a cocktail and hang out on their beautiful patio for an hour or two.”

6. Viktualienmarkt, Munich

“The only thing to do after an afternoon cocktail is hit up the Viktualmarket in the center of Munich and lust over all the gorgeous end-of-summer produce.”

7. Weimar, Germany

“Next stop on our food tour through Germany: Weimar. First thing on the agenda is hitting up the local market and tasting ALL THE BRATWURSTS!”

8. Rebstock Hotel, Würzburg

“Alright, I ate my fair share of Bratwursts—next up, we’re sipping on some bubbly at the Hotel Rebstock just a hop skip and a jump away in Würzburg. We’re getting the VIP treatment, as dinner is with a handful of Michelin-starred chefs from the area. They’re cooking up a big dinner at the hotel and I will eat every single bite!”

9. Veggie Bros, Würzburg

“After an incredible dinner In Würzburg, we’re exploring the city and looking for local gems. While it might not be traditional German food, Veggie Bros in Würzburg is serving up the best falafel I’ve had in a long time. “

10. Erfurt, Germany

“Multiple-choice question: Which of the following is true? 1. Erfurt is home to the most delicious ice cream ever. 2. Said ice cream is topped with a homemade chocolate truffle. 3. You can enjoy the ice cream on the famous Krämerbrücke bridge which is covered with inhabited, half timbered buildings.  Answer: All of the above!”

11. Erfurt, Germany


“Must burn off that ice cream! We’re wandering around Erfurt and exploring the market scene and its beautiful sights. That giant beauty in this picture is the Erfurt Cathedral which is home to some of the most gorgeous stained glass windows I’ve ever seen.”

12. Frankfurt, Germany

“We’re capping off this Germany adventure in Frankfurt and I’m stocking up on all the traditional German cookies to bring home to our friends and family. That is, if I don’t eat them all on the flight home! Thanks for following along on my AFAR takeover!! If you have any questions about the food scene in Germany, you know where to find me—@whatsgabycookin and What’s Gaby Cooking.”

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