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12 Amazing Vintage Photos of Prague

By Sarah Purkrabek

Oct 30, 2015

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The Vltava River is framede by Prague's quaint cityscape.

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress

The Vltava River is framede by Prague's quaint cityscape.

This city looks good in black and white.

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Part of Prague’s allure is its varied history—the city has been the center of countries and wars. But Prague's other standout feature is its beauty: short white buildings with red roofs, sky-high ancient church spires, green trees dotting the landscape, and a river lined with bridges. From hundreds of years ago until now, the truly breathtaking sights of Prague have made it a favorite city of people from all backgrounds. Here, 12 visual reasons why.

This 14th-century Týn Church towers high above Prague’s red roofed homes and shops.

The famous astronomical clock (or orloj, in Czech) has moving figures (every hour), a calendar, sun and moon dials, and a zodiacal ring.

Prague’s Powder Tower was once one of the original gates to the city.

City Hall, Old Town Prague-style.

All hail the King of Bohemia, Charles IV.

Legend has it that St. John Nepomuk was thrown into the Vltava from the very spot where his statue stands now.

The Charles Bridge is the perfect spot to stop and take in Prague from over the water.

The city is also home to the oldest synagogue in the world (aptly named the Old New Synagogue).

Find this intricate tower at the end of Charles Bridge.

This former palace is now the gathering site of the Czech Senate.

These girls show off serious tennis technique at Sokol Slet, a gymnastics festival held in 1900’s-era Prague when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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