10 Unexpected Big Island Experiences
The Big Island offers surprising revelations large and small—from unexpected snow and equestrian experiences to green sand and sunken vessels. For visitors who think Hawaii only offers sunshine and sandy beaches, the Big Island reveals unexpected opportunities to discover different ways of life, explore distinct island tastes from the sea and land, encounter unusual tropical creatures, and learn from a variety of historical sites.

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Beechcraft Dive

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For a challenge, scuba divers should seek out the sunken Beechcraft airplane that lies near the Kona airport. The plane rests at a depth of about 115 feet, which makes it a little more challenging (deeper) dive than some other sites in the area. The plane crashed in the 1980s and everyone was able to evacuate the plane, except one passenger. A local fire rescue professional was nearby and watched the crash, pulled on his gear, and was able to pull the remaining woman out of the aircraft and saved her life. Attempts to salvage the wreck from the Pacific were unsuccessful, so this aircraft has a permanent resting place in the ocean where sea creatures are now making it a home.

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by Andrea Rip
AFAR Local Expert
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