A Local's Guide to Paris
There are those who dream about Paris and those who devote their lives to making it a part of their lives. Six years as a local and I can say that my identity is inextricably linked to this place, one of the world's most unequivocally beautiful cities and one of its most storied. It's a hub for hedonists, a wellspring of inspiration for creatives and a haven for history buffs. Get lost, go exploring, eat until your belly hurts and do it all over again.

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Watch the Eiffel Tower light up

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Watch the Eiffel Tower light up, twinkling in the cobalt blue sky on a Sunday night. The enormous green lawn fills up for this once a week show. Groups laze on large blankets, enjoying crackers and cheese and a bottle of red wine, the soft sounds of easy conversations hang in the air.

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