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Union Square Farmer's Market

The Best Apple Cider Donuts in the World
Every Wednesday and Saturday, a farmers market sets up in Union Square in New York City. On the west side of the square, by 16th Street, is an orchard stand which makes the best apple cider donuts in the entire world. Breezy Hill Orchard is always there with many different types of apples, pears, pies, baked goods and - best of all - apple cider donuts.

A bag of three will only cost you a few dollars. Coupled with a cup of hot apple cider, it might just be the most perfect breakfast. Pull up a seat on one of the many benches in the park and gaze up through the towering trees as donut crumbs tumble down your chin.

Union Square Farmers' Market
One thing that NYC does not have enough of (compared to other major cities like London or Barcelona) are farmers' markets. I always felt pretty lucky having this market a hop skip and a jump away from my apartment and whenever I'm taking the subway, I always make sure to catch it at the Union Square station so I can start my day with a stroll through the market and a piece of fresh fruit.

Union Square Market
Always so colorful, the fruit and vegetables at this farmer's market never cease to entice.

Rain Falls on Union Square
Union Square can be a tricky place to navigate. On any given day the square and surrounding streets are crowded with locals, tourists, market vendors and just about everything in between.

Yet, on a rainy day you can see the square without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For a free view of Union Square, head to Whole Foods or DSW and look out the window.

Better yet, go into Burlington Coat factory and ride the elevators up to the top floor for a picture much like the one posted with this highlight.

Pass the rest of your rainy afternoon by shopping or stopping for a cup of coffee.

Art in the City
Once a week one of the main sidewalks in Union Square comes alive with colour, courtesy of a local street artist and his chalk. To create the patterns, the artist manoeuvers himself around, carefully dropping the chalk onto the floor. The designs themselves are beautiful, and I love the vibrant colours which add a bit of life to the surrounding city landscape.

NYC's Amazing Union Square Farmers Market
Union Square is my hands-down favorite market. Not only does it offer a bounty of the area’s best produce, it’s a great spot to catch up with my chef friends before we head into work. I pop out of bed on Wednesday mornings in the spring and summer with the excitement of a kid at Christmas…and to make sure I get there before ABC Kitchen’s Dan Kluger buys all of the strawberries!

Union Square Greenmarket
Capturing vibrant colors is a wonderful way to experience new equipment and what better place to do just that than at a local farmers’ market. One of New York City’s largest, the Union Square Greenmarket started in 1976 and today in peak season has up to 140 regional farmers, fishers, and bakers selling their delicacies. Snack as you explore the stalls, pack a picnic lunch or simply stock up for later with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, jams, flowers, wine, maple syrup and more to fill your stomach and pantry. Open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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