South Shore Park

Seclusion and Serenity at Warwick Long Bay Beach
Steep cliffs, tufts of green shrubs, and blissfully blues skies serve as a backdrop to turquoise waves, coral formations, and a gently curving stretch of sand. Named one of the world’s 100 Best Beaches by CNN, Warwick Long Bay takes its name from its natural surroundings. The ½ mile path of perfectly pink sand is the longest shoreline in Bermuda. It gets strong southerly winds, but a nearby reef keeps waves on the moderate side.

Near Jobson’s Cove and Chaplin Bay, Warwick Long Bay is located in Warwick Parish. For search purposes, it’s the most easterly of the beaches near South Shore Park. This tranquil bay is a popular spot for joggers, sunset seekers, and horseback riders from the nearby Spicelands Riding Centre. You can rent or buy water sports equipment on-site from Warwick Long Bay Beach Rentals.

Because the beach is so solitary and secluded, it is an excellent spot for birdwatching. Lots of graceful Bermuda longtails can be seen soaring high above the rugged rocks and crystal clear water. Even though Warwick Long Bay is the longest beach in Bermuda, it’s rarely crowded because it does require a bit of extra effort to find. But isn’t that always how the best things are found?
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