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Pandawa Beach

Catch the Sunrise at Pandawa Beach Before It's No Longer a "Secret"
Catching the sunrise at Pandawa Beach, also known as the “Secret Beach” in South Bali, was an adventure from beginning to end. After learning about it from Rob, the owner of Suara Ombak Cottages (www.wavevoice.com) where we stayed during our SURF LIFE retreat, we woke up before the sun, hopped on our motorbikes and headed for the unknown paradise.

Once there, we first stopped to admire the massive sculptures being carved out of the cliffs along the path to the beach. Then, down on the sand, as we waited and appreciated the natural beauty around us with only us three and some local fisherman, we witnessed the most magnificent sunrise that looked as if the sky was lit on fire.

Riding our motorbikes to catch the sunrise at Pandawa Beach was spontaneous, powerful, unforgettable, and felt like our own treasured secret adventure.

Cliff-Side Sand
Pandawa Beach in Bali is known the world over for its white sand and picturesque cliffs. The stretch is clean and less frequented, making it perfect for visitors seeking a tranquil spot to enjoy the Balinese sun. Pull up a chair and enjoy the view!

The best beach in bali
I love pandawa beach is one of best beaches in Bali. With white sand and all still natural. I love spend time at sunset very amazing panoramic. Very love it the beach. So if you want take bali tourdon't worry please to visit this beach for tours in bali

Pandawa Beach, Bali, Indonesia