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Zurich's Iconic Spot for Lake-Gazing
The tree-lined Utoquai and Arboretum at Enge offer excellent views of Lake Zurich and the snow-capped Alps, but the iconic spot for lake-gazing is at the Bürkliterrasse, with its statue of Zeus and Ganymede and straight-shot view of the Alps.

Photo © Bruno Macor /FB/Zürich Tourismus.
Dueling Sweets: Luxemburgerli vs. Macaron
Zurich’s famed confectionary Sprüngli is known for its gorgeously displayed Luxemburgerli (pictured), Lilliputian takes on the French macaron. Is it better than the original? You decide. In 2009, Parisian bakery Ladurée opened up shop a mere 400 meters from Sprüngli’s flagship on Paradeplatz, making it conceivable to pick up both sweets within minutes for a (delicious) taste test—ideally, during a picnic on the shores of Lake Zurich, just another 500 meters away. A perfect spot is on one of the picnic benches on the Bürkliterrasse.
Dueling Sweets: Luxemburgerli vs. Macaron Zurich  Switzerland