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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park
This national park is centered along the spine plateau above Bryce Canyon, which drops to the east from the main park road. Along the road are numerous pullouts for enjoying views down into the canyon, with its miles and miles of awe-inspiring sandstone hoodoo spires. Drive to the far south end of the park where the road terminates for the best views of Rainbow Point, named for the colorful rocks that lead into the Grand Staircase National Monument, then get away from the crowds by hiking one of the many trails that drop into the canyon. Visitors can also pick up a backcountry permit and stay overnight to see the stars. While most tourists come during the spring and summer months, Bryce is particularly stunning in the winter when it’s covered in snow.
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Sea of Spires at Inspiration Point
Bryce Canyon creates its own rainbow of colors, with layers of oranges, yellows, reds, whites, and greens. At Inspiration Point, you can get lost in this convoluted maze of spires just by staring. If you want to get a closer look at the bizarre rock formations called hoodoos, you can strike out on trails by foot or by horse (or mule for the less experienced rider).
Sea of Spires at Inspiration Point Bryce Utah United States

Inspire Yourself at Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon left me at a loss for words. Utah’s spectacular park system will do that, what with its otherworldly geological features, epic night skies, canyons, cliffs, and hoodoos. Bryce is one remarkable destination. The hike down into the canyon was like stepping foot onto the surface of another planet. During our Go Ahead tour, we had time to walk the rim, hike a ways down into the canyon itself, and explore the park’s interpretive center. Like each of our national parks, the first visit feels introductory, exciting, and like a glimpse at something big. 

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Inspire Yourself at Bryce Canyon Bryce Utah United States

Brilliant Bryce Canyon
The colors in Bryce Canyon were astounding. I've never seen reds, greens, and blues quite so vivid in my life. The dazzling sun there intensified the colors so much that I felt as if I had somehow dropped into a Photoshopped world, where all hues were set to full saturation.
Brilliant Bryce Canyon Bryce Utah United States

The Elements of Bryce Canyon
Driving through Bryce Canyon is limited, but hiking isn't. Finding a bad view is difficult. The danger is keeping your mind on the trail with the elements of beauty around every turn.
The Elements of Bryce Canyon Bryce Utah United States

Navajo Trail Hike in Bryce Canyon, Utah
Get up early and head into Bryce Canyon National Park to the beginning of the Navajo Trail head. This moderate two-hour hike takes you down into the valley and the heart of the formations, then back up the very steep "Wall Street" section. A great way to see Bryce Canyon's stunning formations up close and personal.
Navajo Trail Hike in Bryce Canyon, Utah Bryce Utah United States

Hiking at Bryce Canyon
The contrast of colors at Bryce Canyon National Park combined with the unique shapes of the land turn any traveler into a photographer. The bright blue sky, dark green forest, and red rock formations make for a memorable view. We visited the park on our road trip from Florida to California, and it quickly became one of our favorite spots for day hikes.
Hiking at Bryce Canyon Bryce Utah United States

Great views at Bryce Canyon
If you are looking for a fairly easy hike that gives you access to the rock formations, we suggest the Queens Garden Trail, pictured above and below. We loved seeing the different shapes nature creates in the various hoodoos. Start at Sunrise Point and descend 320 feet on the trail.
Great views at Bryce Canyon Bryce Utah United States

Bryce Canyon National Park
The hike to the bottom of Bryce is incredible. The terrain is so unique and is almost like a completely different planet. There is wildlife around the trail, and people you meet are friendly.
Bryce Canyon National Park Bryce Utah United States