BridgeClimb Sydney

34 Harrington St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

The most high-adrenaline way to see Sydney Harbour, BridgeClimb has been dressing up locals and travelers in jumpsuits and safety harnesses to ascend “The Coathanger” since 1998. Along the way, they learn fun facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, like how it was built using six million rivets, which bridge workers tossed to each other when they were white hot and ready to weld. You’ll also gain a new appreciation for the Sydney Opera House as well as the world’s deepest natural harbor, which just so happens to be the birthplace of European Australia. At the top, strike your favorite Zoolander pose, or try “the koala,” which Ben Stiller invented during his climb.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

See what life is like at the top of the world by scaling one of the city’s most celebrated icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Kitted up in a nifty gray-and-blue jumpsuit and a safety harness, you’ll follow a climb leader and ascend the arches of the bridge before reaching the summit, 134 meters (440 feet) above sea level, where all of Sydney lies glittering in a panorama below you. Along the way the guide regales climbers with stories and historic snippets about the bridge, which was completed in 1932.

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