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Where to Dance All Night in Berlin: Berghain Nightclub
This club, housed in an old industrial warehouse, does not look unlike a mental ward and, inside, has as many fascinating levels as an Escher drawing. To dance with a sea of the coolest kids in Berlin (and Europe for that matter—it’s a landmark destination for partiers across Europe), stay on the ground floor. For a smaller scene, head to the top floor, which gradually attracts a more queer crowd as the weekend goes on. That’s the other thing: it’s only open from Friday until Monday morning. Wear plain clothes and no smile to get past the doorman. If at first you don’t succeed, come back on Sunday nights when the line is shorter and the bouncers are known to be less prickly.

Inside Berlin's Most Legendary Nightclub
Notorious in Berlin, and certainly in the techno music scene, the Berghain nightclub has been called by many the best club in the world. Located in a former power station, it’s a giant warehouse turned into one of the most intense and incredible clubs in the world.

I’ve heard it called a gay club, a gay-straight club (whatever that is) or just the best club in the world, whether gay or straight. The door policy for getting in is practically legendary.

The people who visit the club each weekend are here for one thing: to have fun. And lots of it! Open after midnight on Saturdays, people queue up for hours to try and get inside. Plenty of people visit the club alone (but quickly make friends in line or inside) and, in fact, this can make getting past doorman Sven Marquadt easier. The club is open all day Sunday. You'll find people still visiting the club Sunday morning and afternoon. Locals tend to visit Sunday afternoons after brunch.

Berghain has two dance floors: Berghain on the main level and Panoramabar on the second.

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Get past the bouncers at Berghain
Summer is amazing, because that’s when Berlin becomes a hot white whirl of open-air festivals and world-class clubs that never close. Where to dance right through the weekend? One word: BERGHAIN. To get past those bouncers. try not to speak in front of them, especially not in English. Don't smile, don't look too bored (or too excited). Cross your fingers. You might get in. You might not. It's a roulette, and the only way to 100% ensure you'll get inside is by being a drag queen (probably).

P.S. The queue is a little easier on Sunday mornings. Bagels then Berghain, anyone?

Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin, Germany
Thur 10pm - 5am
Fri 11:59pm - 9am
Sat 11:59pm - 12am