Av. General Las Heras

Av. Las Heras, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

Las Heras isn’t Mendoza‘s most picturesque of avenues, but it’s replete with leather shops and souvenir stores selling chotchkies and trinkets. You can pop in and out of the stores until you find something you like. Cueros Armados is worth checking out for women’s leather jackets and Las Viñas for cheap mate gourds. You’ll also find items made from “carpincho,” which is the tanned hide of Argentina’s indigenous rodent the capybara. Start at the Carrefour on the corner of Las Heras and Belgrano and walk east. Mercado Central is on this street, which attracts a lot of tourists, and consequently wily pick pocketers. Be attentive of your belongings.

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