Dumpling Delights in Shanghai
Grab a steamerful for a meal or pick up a few for a midday snack. When it comes to classic Chinese cuisine, these delightful little pockets of filled goodness are as genuine as it gets.

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Nanxiang: Home of xiaolongbao

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With Shanghai’s sprawling metro system, this suburb is now a few short stops from downtown. Why would you want to make the trek out to Nanxiang? Well, among other reasons, it’s the home of xiaolongbao…those marvelous little soup filled pockets of goodness. Go for the dumplings, but stay and check out the quaint little village, their local museum (which is new and quite well done) as well as the gardens. The town makes a welcome respite from the bustle of the city and if you’re coming to China to eat some “authentic” cuisine, it doesn’t get more authentic than going straight to the source of China's infamous dumpling.

How to get there: take Line 11 to Nanxiang and then walk down Huyi Gong Lu for approx 10 minutes (or jump in a taxi) and head towards Guyi Garden.

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by Christy Campbell
AFAR Local Expert
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