Barcelona's 15 Best Views
There's nothing that can replace the experience of being there—in situ, you immediately understand the beautiful interplay between the art and architecture of Antoni Gaudí and the lively culture & stunning surroundings in Barcelona. It's a city with a history dating to the Roman period, but one that never fails to feel hip, along the edge of the Balearic Sea.

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Gothic Quarter Cathedral

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One of the best places to wander in Barcelona is the city's charming Gothic Quarter right off the famous La Rambla. A highlight is the quarter's beautiful gothic cathedral, one of the few interesting buildings in the city not designed by Antoni Gaudi. With its rustic buildings, winding alleyways, fun shops, and delicious food and wine, the Gothic Quarter has so much to offer - a must-see on any visit to Barcelona.

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by Joan Wharton
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