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Beauty Abounds in Northern Kyoto, Japan

Eighty miles north of Kyoto City, northern Kyoto Prefecture is a lush, quiet hideaway where life is still mostly lived according to ancient rhythms. “Kyoto by the Sea” is brimming with friendly villagers, soaring monuments, sacred shrines, and green mountains where you can spend the entire day in contemplation. As its nickname suggests, the area is bordered by the pristine Sea of Japan, which teems with seafood that stars on the menus of local restaurants.
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Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Celebrated as one of Japan’s three most beautiful places, Ama-no-hashidate is a two-mile-long sand spit formed by white sand accumulating from the tides and winds. More than 8,000 towering pines grow rampant on the sand spit, creating the...
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Japan, 〒626-0400 京都府与謝郡伊根町字平田
Less than 10 miles from Ama-no-hashidate, the small fishing village of Ine holds tight to its traditions. The town is famous for the roughly 200 funaya boathouses floating in its bay. The ground floor—or water garage—is used for boat storage while...
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Ine, Yosa District, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
If you try one local specialty while in the town of Ine, make it buri shabu, a mature yellow-tail that swims along the Tango Peninsula every winter. The yellowtail is prized for being mostly fat from head to tail, making it extraordinarily tender...
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339 Nariaiji, Miyazu-shi, Kyōto-fu 629-2241, Japan
In the northern city of Maizuru, Kongoin and Nariai-ji Temples attract architecture enthu-siasts and spiritual sojourners alike. The monk Takaoka Shinno is believed to have founded Kongoin about 1,200 years ago. Its magnificent temple structures,...
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Japan, 〒624-0946 Kyōto-fu, Maizuru-shi, Shimofukui, 舞鶴市下福井905 舞鶴港とれとれセンタ
Grab a bicycle at the Maizuru train station and ride an easy 20 minutes to the Maizuru Port fish markets—a must-visit for seafood lovers. Here, the catches literally come to you. Chat up the friendly folks at the market, shop around, and even...