Taiwan is an exceptionally safe country for travel, and the Taiwanese are among the most cordial, honest, and visitor-friendly people on earth. The lack of English speakers and signage can make travel challenging at times if you don't speak an Asian language. However, the helpfulness and graciousness of the Taiwanese people more than compensate for any troubles caused by the language barrier. Familiar-looking 7-11 stores are a staple of Taiwanese society in which locals pay bills, ship packages, and even purchase underwear. They seem to appear on every corner, and you'll sometimes even see two on opposite corners of an intersection! Fresh food is delivered daily to 7-11s, and the cappuccinos aren’t bad either. Whenever you are looking for a quick salad, coffee, beer, a pair of panty hose, or a toiletry that you’ve forgotten, you need look no farther than the nearest 7-11, which is most likely fewer than two blocks from wherever you happen to be standing.