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Tainan: The Historical and Cultural Heart of Taiwan

Historical Tainan is the former capital of Taiwan, the island’s oldest city, and the heart of traditional Taiwanese culture. The city is home to several of the island's oldest and most famous temples—most notably the Confucius Temple—and is the destination of frequent pilgrimages. Tainan is also known for its deep-rooted food culture. There visitors will find some of the most traditional Taiwanese dishes, which can’t be found anywhere else.
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708, Taiwan, 台南市安平區華平里
During a recent trip to Taiwan, my husband, who is English, asked me why the Taiwanese--unlike Americans--don't seem to suffer high rates of peanut allergies. The question came up as I was scarfing down peanut brittle. Good point. Peanut is a...
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704, Taiwan, Tainan City, North District, 台南市北區
Night markets are a quintessential Taiwan experience. Young couples, families, retirees, and swarms of teenagers descend upon these markets to graze, gossip, flirt, play, and graze some more. Lately, the ones in Taipei have been over-run by...
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732, Taiwan, Tainan City, Baihe District, 關仔嶺風景區
The flames on top of this pool of water are said to have been burning for more than 300 years, and were started by and earthquake that opened a fissure in the earth releasing natural gas into the bottom of the pool. The phenomenon is definitely...