Norway's rich cultural tapestry is on display in the capital city of Oslo, where you'll find museums dedicated to such famous Norwegians as the founder of the Nobel Prize, Alfred Nobel (actually a Swede), and playwright Henrik Ibsen and artist Edvard Munch (whose ghosts are said to sometimes meet for celestial high tea at the Grand Hotel). The city also has one of Europe's most intriguing sculpture parks. 

Aside from obvious festivals like Christmas (a big deal in Santa's home country), Norway is home to celebrations ranging from unsurprising to downright quirky. People flock to the far northern city of Tromsø for the Northern Lights Festival, January 26–Feb 2, while Bergen holds a summer music festival called Bergenfest, June 21–24. On the quirky end, you can watch musicians play instruments made of ice during the month of February at Lillehammer's Frozen Waterfall Festival, and facial hair aficionados (and those who love them) won't want to miss the World Beard and Mustache Championship in Trondheim (usually held in May).