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Our vacations wouldn’t be possible without the tour guides, housekeepers, concierges, cooks, and bartenders we encounter along the way. Here, their suggestions for making their days—and your trips—just a little bit better.
Unshackled by the physical office, you could work in Barbados, or Iceland, thanks to these digital nomad visa programs.
On a trip to Kauaʻi, a traveler learns what it means to give back.
How a country 10,000 miles from home became the place I miss the most when life gets really, ridiculously hard.
Anyone can learn a new language, no matter their age. Simply follow this expert advice down the sweet-talking path to success.
Taipei claimed the number one spot in the annual Expat City Ranking by InterNations, which rates the best cities for expats to live and work in around the world.
A linguistics expert chimes in on which languages are the most manageable for English speakers to master and shares her personal tips for successfully taking up a new tongue.
The recently published Global Expat Index 2019 report ranks the top countries for expats to relocate to around the world.
Beyond backpacking, bartending, and busking, these are some of the most popular professions for the exploration-obsessed.
Maintaining a high-end lifestyle in these international destinations costs a fraction of what it does in the United States, according to the experts at “International Living.”
If you dream of spending your retirement as an expat on an island, these are the most beautiful—and affordable—places to move, according to the experts at “International Living.”
Move over, Guinness—Ireland’s most popular export to Asia is a little-known sport called Gaelic football.
Not every aspiring expatriate is cut out for a life abroad. Four old hands reveal the virtues all winning expats share.
Behere helps book short-term apartments, coworking spaces, and fitness studio memberships for women who want to sample life abroad.
An AFAR writer recalls scenes of humanity and hope after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the capital.
What a decade of living in France taught one traveler about the art of taking time off.
Wellington is flying tech talent out for interviews—and hoping to offer 100 jobs.
We asked current and former expats from the AFAR community for their top tips on how to move to—and settle down in—another country. This is what they told us.
Three residents give us the local color.
Here’s how to get in with the locals in your adopted homeland—according to those who’ve already done it.
Amy and Darrell Bushnell sought an early retirement in Nicaragua. Now they’re busier than ever.
A Stockholm-based expat explains the true meaning behind a Swedish word that should only be used in the right context.
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