Travel Vanguard

10 visionary companies that are changing the way we travel.
These visionaries are a force for good in the travel industry.
There is a guiding force to good design—even if you can’t see it.
Innovation is just as important as the ingredients
AFAR’s co-founder reflects on the value of forward-thinking and the latest class of the Travel Vanguard.
Members of our 2018 Travel Vanguard share their visions for the future of travel.
These nine individuals are harnessing the power of travel to make a difference in the world.
The head of Azamara Club Cruises was a leader in bringing experiences to the fore of his cruise line—and the cruise industry.
The boundary-breaking founder of an up-and-coming safari lodge company brings travelers closer to the natural beauty of his homeland.
The couple founded a travel outfitter that’s changing the way Chinese travelers see the world.
The visionary entrepreneur bridges education and travel for students across the nation.
The Chase executive launched a game-changing credit card for a new generation of experience-hungry travelers.
The successful hotelier finds multiple ways to support local communities and the people who work in the travel industry.
The law officer helped lead the fight to put the Trump administration’s travel ban on hold.
The tourism expert helped turn South Carolina’s largest city into an internationally acclaimed destination.
The innovative team designs lodgings that tell their own stories and resonate with a creative-class clientele.
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