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Van Morrison's Childhood Home

Mystic of the East: On Hyndford Street
When a small group of us clustered in front of the working-class neighborhood row house where singer and songwriter Van Morrison was born, a women across the street asked us what the fuss was all about. She'd moved in only five weeks earlier and had never crossed the way to read the plaque next to the door at 125 Hyndford Street. Morrison is one of East Belfast's most favorite sons, along with footballer George Best and author C.S. Lewis, and any fan should take the time to explore the Mystic of the East Van Morrison Trail. Armed with the Connswater Communtiy Greenway map, you can scan QR codes with your smart phone and hear Morrison songs snippets related to such stops as The Hollow, St. Donard's Church, Cyprus Avenue, and, of course, Hyndford Street.