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Stanley Market

Cheap and Cheerful Shopping in Stanley Market's Shopping Maze
Stanley Market is the first place local people think of for shopping. For out-of-towners, a Stanley shopping trip kills two birds with one stone—sightseeing and bargain hunting. The 45-minute bus or taxi drive from Central to the little seaside town of Stanley skirts along the bays of Hong Kong Island’s hilly southern coastline and, if the weather is good, offers excellent views. Once at the market, explore the narrow lanes chockablock with Chinese and Southeast Asian knickknacks, cheap clothes, watches, kids' costumes, luggage, backpacks, handbags, and much more. You’ll likely have to buy a cheap suitcase, too, to lug home all your great finds.
Oh Stanley!
When I lived in Hong Kong my apartment was in Aberdeen, so I wasn't too far from Stanley Market. I absolutely loved popping down here to browse the streets, get seafood outside and enjoy the bay views (as well as take advantage of some great coastal hikes). It's a nice little escape from (some) of the busyness of Central/Soho/LKF.
Oh Stanley! Hong Kong  Hong Kong

Shopping and Great Views
I spent some time at the beach (Repulse Bay) and decided to visit the market since I was so close. The market is full to bursting with shoppers and you can buy pretty much anything you are looking for at the market. There are plenty of restaurants located nearby. If you want a delicious pastry, stop at Stan Cafe (located right by the bus stop). Take the MTR to Central and hop on bus 6, 6x or 66. The bus drivers do not give change, so have coins handy.
Shopping and Great Views Hong Kong  Hong Kong

Stanley Market

Getting to Stanley Market is half the fun, with the 45-minute ride by bus or taxi skirting the bays of Hong Kong Island's hilly southern coastline. Once you arrive, explore the narrow lanes chock-full of Chinese and Southeast Asian knickknacks, cheap clothes, watches, luggage and much more.

Stanley Market  Hong Kong  Hong Kong

Stanley Market Rd, Stanley, Hong Kong
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