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Post Alley Gum Wall

Rainy, with a Chance of Gumballs
Taking just the 'right' wrong turn on a visit to Pike Place Market can land you in Post Alley, where spearmint, wild cherry, and tropical punch bubble gum drizzles down the window panes and grape, peppermint, and lemon ice gum-cicles form from sills. It may be one of the lesser-known Seattle tourist attractions, but it certainly makes a big impression with plenty of chaotic color on a rainy day. And if you're a gum chewer, be prepared to stick a drop of your own favorite flavor to leave a colorful mark on the city.

Is It Art?
At its most basic the gum wall is nothing more than a brick alleyway in downtown Seattle covered with gum but the collaborative aspect and creativity make me have to concede; it is art.

Gum Wall...check
Somewhere between Fisherman's Wharf, the giant ferris wheel, and EPM Museum I found the gum wall. I have seen this on a few travel shows and always thought it would be smelly, cramped and frankly gross. I could not have been more wrong. Located in a wide alley way with cool bars and galleries off to either side it was a nice treat.

Gum Wall, Pike Place Market, Seattle
An interesting alleyway in Seattle near Pike Place Market. For many years people have put their chewing gum on the wall here, some of it artistically.

Fascinatingly Gross
The Seattle Gum Wall is a bizarre tourist attraction in downtown Seattle located in Post Alley. Like the Bridge Troll, it's one of those things that, if you're going to be in Seattle, you should at least stop by and see while you're enjoying the famous Pike Place Market (the Gum Wall's alley is just under a part of the Market). It's disgusting, for sure, but it's also colorful and interesting. That said, I still wouldn't touch it...or add to it!

AFAR made me want to see this!
I first saw a photo of the gum wall at Post Alley on AFAR. If I remember correctly it was from one of the photo contests. I thought it was unique and just the kind of random and quirky thing I love finding on trips. So I saved it for a future visit and when my boyfriend and I decided on a Seattle weekend getaway I made sure we saw this. It makes for a great story and a pretty good background for a photo but I have to say, it's really gross when you think about it. I was super careful not to touch anything else when I stuck my gum on the wall to add to it!

1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101, USA