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Lake Powell

Lake Powell at Night
My uncle and I stood with my tripod on the lakeshore behind our houseboat, trying desperately to capture the massive red rock wall before us. It was one of my first lessons in night photography, and it wasn't going great: there just wasn't enough light despite the starry starry sky. I tried over and over, different shutter speeds, using spotlights, nothing worked...too dark. On my last try, I set the shutter speed to a few minutes, as the shutter opened, all of a sudden a houseboat from the next cove over set off fireworks. Their fireworks lit up the entire night sky, and shone their glorious light right on my rock face, resulting in this image.

Explore the Grandest Lake of Them All!
We've been going to Lake Powell annually for over 15 years and we describe it to all our friends as "the Grand Canyon with water." And it is exactly that. It's the most beautiful and inspiring lake in the country if you're looking for some unplugged R&R.
Hikers, fishers, kayakers, SUPers, swimmers, skiers, and wakeboarders will all enjoy the 98 snake-like canyons branching off the main channel. Beyond boating, there are countless natural formations that will make your list of most Instagramable moments ever. Try Reflection Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, LaGorce Arch, and Cathedral Canyon for epic views from the water.

Lake Powell, United States