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Dilettantes Cave à Champagne

Champagne Tastings in Paris
In France, sparkling wine isn't just for special occasions, it's an everyday luxury. At least that's what you'll learn after a sampling of some 130 vintages at Dilettantes, a wine shop/bar specializing in bubbly. The tastings are hosted by one of 25 winemakers and take place in a gorgeous, 17th-century vaulted cellar. For a more in-depth course on pairing champagne at different moments of the meal, Dilettantes also offers a private oenology workshop (minimum 8 people) that will leave you well-versed in taste.
Champagne Tasting in a Romantic Wine Cellar
Get a lesson on sparkling wine at Dilettantes, a top-notch store that specializes in lesser-known Champagne producers. Enjoy a tasting in their romantic cellar--the perfect start to a couples evening on the town.

The best part about Dilettantes, besides its cavernous tasting room, is that not only will you get an education about your Champagne but you also learn about the vineyards where it was produced. With each tasting, you receive a card that includes a photograph of the vineyard's owner as well as other interesting facts about them.

The owner is extremely knowledgeable about Champagnes. Did you know that Moet is not all it's cracked up to be? We learned this at almost every wine tasting we did in France. Apparently they just have a great distributor and PR team. C'mon, who doesn't want to come to France and become a Champagne expert?
Champagne Tasting in a Romantic Wine Cellar Paris  France

22 Rue de Savoie, 75006 Paris, France
+33 1 70 69 98 68
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11am - 7:30pm
Thur 11am - 9pm