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Denver in Photos

Summer Nights (Denver Style)
If ever you have felt gridlocked in the concrete jungles of the city, escape to the Mile-High City. With a wonderful downtown, Denver is not far from the mountains. Having a view like this from your window makes it hard to leave the beauty of this western haven.

Mile High
The Mile High state is always a good time; if you are in Denver skip 16th street mall, don't be a tourist for a night; instead, join "Theology on Tap" at Katie Mullen's Irish Pub & Restaurant off of Court to hear the hard statistics on human trafficking and do something!

Denver Christmas Market
I did not think I would see a Christmas Market this year, in the US but to my great surprise I found out that Denver has one. So of course we went. It's very small, not more than twenty chalets but so very authentic. You can find very nice hand made products, a few of them German, great authentic German food and gluhwein, music and an iceskating rink. It feels a lot like being at the ones in Europe on a much smaller scale. It was enough to make me happy. Try it next time, you will like it.

A Blue Bear with a Green Thumb
Ever been to a convention with decent food? The answer is clearly no and the Colorado Convention Center is trying to change that with the Blue Bear Farm. Named after the towering blue mascot out front, the back of the building along Speer Boulevard houses an urban garden sprouting herbs, veggies, and fruit that will go straight from farm to table. There’s even a colony of bees busy making honey.

Denver, CO
I forget exactly where this was in Denver but I was intrigued by the illumination.

Dinosaurs in Colorado
An adventure in American culture and history could easily be had by walking the 28.6 miles of Colfax Avenue in Denver. Even walking about five miles past urban blight, every imaginable ethnic restaurant, antique stores, bookshops, and abandoned storefronts and lots provided me with a caravanserai of images without assaulting the senses. As part of US 40, this abandoned Sinclair dinosaur caught my eye.

Imposing Building In Denver, CO
There are many iconic buildings in Denver, new and old. It is easy to see why this imposing structure is known as "The Darth Vader Building."

Gathering Storm for the Giants
There's more to watch at a game than baseball. It didn't precipitate, but the Rockies "rained on the Giants parade," 4-1.

Denver, CO
Avalanche Game, Aquarium, massages, great food

Denver, CO, USA