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Choice Health Bar

Fuel up on Acai Bowls in a "Bummer-Free Zone"
Much more than just a restaurant or smoothie stop, Choice Health Bar is a culinary fusion of food, lifestyle, and positivity. This small restaurant in the Lahaina industrial park serves fresh kale salads and heaping acai bowls. The place is a favorite hangout for island locals from surfers and paddlers to vegans.

Just because it's healthy, don't think the food will taste like cardboard. Creative concoctions pepper a menu that is constantly being reinvented, and you'd never expect that a quinoa quiche could possibly taste so good.

Locals also love Choice for the laid-back atmosphere and powerful, positive vibes. A sign on the door informs all patrons that this is officially a "bummer free zone," and instead of simply "super-sizing" your meal, you can "make it epic" with 'superfoods' like kale and cacao.

Consistently voted as the island's top pick for healthy, vegan cuisine, Choice is the absolute best spot on the West Side for infusing your body with nutrients.

“Healthy Choices in Maui”
If you don’t mind having lighter pockets, you’ll find yourself walking out of Choice with a lighter conscious having eaten the most fresh, nourishing, and flavorful food you’ll ever find outside of a Whole Foods. Colorful worlds like chia, kale, spirulina, quinoa, and cacoa are thrown around behind the counter here. Comfy couches, a teeny boutique, and a wacky mural make for an inviting atmosphere with plenty to look at. Make the right “Choice” for you post-beach munchies and cool down with a cool beetroot soup and some kombucha.

1087 Limahana Pl, Lahaina, HI 96761, USA
+1 808-661-7711
Sun 9am - 2pm
Mon - Sat 8am - 5pm