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For Food Obsessives: The 2015 AFAR Gift Guide

By Andrew Richdale and Jennifer Lee

Oct 20, 2015

From the November/December 2015 issue

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The Voorhes

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Don’t do that thing where you buy someone a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Instead, satisfy the foodies on your list with these handmade kitchen tools, a subscription that delivers delicacies from around the globe, and the most crowd-pleasing bottle of champagne.

Buy a case of Krug’s Grande Cuvée, which is creamy, spicy, and filled with apple aromas. Give a bottle to colleagues, open one for guests, and save the rest for later, as it ages well. krug.com, $150 per bottle

Every two months, Try the World subscribers receive a box of edible goodies from somewhere far away—say cherry thyme jam and salted caramels from France or maté and smoked chimichurri from Argentina. trytheworld.com, $198 per year

While it looks like a classical palace, this ceramic set is actually a stack of six dessert plates and a serving bowl. Think of it as a pre-show before the last course is served. seletti.it, $185

This porcelain cup ensures that seven-minute eggs are beautifully presented. The aesthetic might look familiar if you’ve stayed at the Mondrian South Beach. The two share the same designer. alessi.com, $57

This multipurpose set is an upgrade on the traditional steamer: The bottom of the basket is made of terracotta, to absorb excess water during steaming, and the ceramic base doubles as a saucepan. quitokeeto.com, $152

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