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Cresting the Caribbean's Tallest Mountain: Pico Duarte

Say you REALLY want to get off the beaten path in the Caribbean. No other experience in the islands affords such a decidedly UN-island vibe than climbing Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic.

Ascending Pico Duarte is a hike and half. It starts around 3,600 feet above sea level, then over the course of 23 miles, it climbs steeply to a cloud topping altitude of 10,130 feet – a height that bests all other mountains in the region.

Up there it's cold (in the mid 50's F), there are Hispaniolan pine woods, and frost has even been known to blanket the ground over night.

Should you decide to make the trek, definitely, definitely, definitely grab five fit friends to make it a bit more fun, and call an outfitter like Iguana Mama Eco-Tours in Cabarate to make it happen.

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by Patrick Bennett
AFAR Ambassador

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