The Best Coffee in Oslo

Norwegians supposedly drink the most coffee in the world. It’s easy to believe. Stroll the streets of Oslo, and you’ll find coffee shops on every corner.

8 Grensen
The secluded entrance from busy Grensen Street leads you into an almost Parisian courtyard where jazz cafe Bare Jazz is located. Friendly atmosphere that welcomes all kinds of people, with a record shop on the ground floor and a coffee shop on the first floor. The best carrot cake in town, delicious coffee, and some of the best tunes around. Gigs are held frequently, showcasing local talent, but bigger stars on the Norwegian jazz sky also play there. Have a listen and enjoy a glass of red.
Tinghuset, C. J. Hambros plass 4, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Stockfleths has roots back to 1895, and is named after Astri Stockfleth who ran the company in Edwardian times. The focus is on good quality coffee and teas, as well as high quality pastries. Their baristas have won national championships in coffeemaking several times, and Norway’s best barista, Tim Wendelboe, has a background from this company (Tim Wendelboe’s coffee shop has a highlight of its own here at If you stop by during the autumn or winter, try their Valrhona hot chocolate. It is divine!
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