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River Cruises

In a time when most major travel occurs via air or by road, sailing on a river allows you to reconnect with the ancient, natural highways that shaped the world long before airplanes or automobiles existed. Indeed, river cruises are one of the most effective and engrossing ways to cont

emplate this intricate web of world waterways and the cities and towns they connect; you can discover, firsthand, how they continue to influence the planet’s ecosystems, commerce, and transportation systems. And, of course, river cruising—with its scenic settings, convenience, bundled amenities, and unpack-just-once appeal—is above all else, great fun! <br><br>European river cruises, especially, have become a popular way to explore some of that continent’s most beautiful and culturally rich regions. On romantic Rhine River itineraries, you can float between such storied cities as Amsterdam, Cologne, and Strasbourg, while the Moselle River will bring you through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. The Seine River famously runs through Paris and out toward the English Channel. And one of the longest waterways in Europe, the Danube River is a great way to seamlessly explore much of the best of the continent, weaving together such locales as Nuremberg, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade. You can also opt in for memorable canal cruises, intimate experiences that typically unfold aboard lavishly refurbished old canal boats. (French Country Waterways is one such company that really stands out.) <br><br>Beyond Europe, Mississippi River sailings in the United States, Amazon River voyages in Peru and Brazil, Mekong River cruises in Southeast Asia, and Nile River adventures in Egypt are only a few of the world’s river cruise destinations that are well worth the journey. <br><br>And river cruise companies like AmaWaterways, Avalon Waterways, and Uniworld offer award-winning luxury cruising experiences with numerous shore excursions and rooms so comfortable, you’ll hardly believe you’re afloat.<br><br>Whether you’re looking for the best itinerary, recent trends, or tips and strategies on making the most of a river cruise vacation (such as visiting European Christmas markets or setting out with the kids in tow), our river cruise coverage can help you make the most of this can’t-miss way to travel.