One of the main topics of conversation in Ireland is the weather, which largely determines the best time of year to visit. Be prepared for any weather at any time—and for a detailed conversation with a local about it. The best time to visit is May to July, when temperatures are at their warmest and days are longest. July and August make up the high season, when prices are steepest and accommodations and attractions busiest. Spring, particularly from March onward, and autumn (particularly September) are pleasant; attractions will be less busy and prices good. The weather can be unpredictable even in summer, so always be prepared for a chilly breeze or shower of rain. Other busy times of year include St Patrick’s Day (March 17), Easter, school holidays, and bank holiday weekends. In winter, many attractions, hotels, and restaurants close from December to February, when weather is harsh and days are short. But if you do travel then, you can get good deals, and tourist attractions (when open) will be quieter.