U.S. Capitol

Capitol Driveway Northwest

The U.S. Capitol Building is the epicenter of all D.C. political action—this is where the country’s most important battles are fought. Home to the House of Representatives and the Senate’s meeting chambers for more than two centuries, it’s also an art gallery in its own right, with priceless paintings and murals adorning the walls and ceilings. Take the free guided tour and marvel at the parade of political heroes and villains who have roamed its halls during pivotal moments in U.S. history. The Capitol is located within easy walking distance of the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the U.S. Botanic Garden.

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Capitol Rotunda

This is the view of the Rotunda inside the U.S. Capitol. I highly recommend taking a free tour of this building! It is rich with history and so beautiful.

People Watching at an American Landmark

Millions of tourists pass through and around the U.S. Capitol. It was wonderful to see this group of tourists pose in front of this landmark building and hear them talk about it from a non-American perspective. Eavesdropping and people watching at landmarks like this opens your eyes to how others view the United States.

National Mall: End to End

Standing on the foot of the Lincoln Memorial you can see all the way to Capitol Hill.

Secure the Perimeter

I happened to be in Washington, DC, last week for a conference... the same night as the President’s State of the Union address. I wondered if being in DC for the address might work to my advantage. There was no hope of getting in the Capitol to attend the event, but as I wandered around DC that night, I realized that everyone in DC seemed to be inside somewhere watching the SOTU. That left the streets almost empty, perfect for some night-time photography. As I neared the Capitol, where the President was giving his speech, I saw dozens of police officers around its perimeter, keeping watch. So the streets weren’t entirely empty... some of them were busy with police officers! Next time I’m in DC for the SOTU (if that ever happens), I’ll look for a bar full of political wonks watching the speech. That could be fun, too...

Capitol- so much history inside

The Washington State Capitol is the home of the government of the state of Washington. It contains chambers for the Washington State Legislature and offices for the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and treasurer and is part of a campus consisting of several buildings. Building with so much american history and wonderful architecture for sure.There’s just so much history that I didn’t know about until I did the tours of the various Government buildings, and the U.S. Capitol is no exception.I would highly recommend reserving a tour! The tour takes you through the Hall of Statues, the Rotunda and lets you see other areas of the building, like the original Supreme Court. And where else do you get the opportunity to stand where great Americans like Abraham Lincoln stood? :)

Tour the United States Capitol

Did you know you can tour the United States Capitol for free? All you have to do is sign up on the website. We did the tour a year ago and were very impressed by the knowledge of our tour guide. A must do when visiting DC.

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