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Sedona, AZ

Into the Elements...
Color, shape, and naked geology: Northern Arizona appeals to the senses in the most elemental ways. Agnostic hikers, secular scientists, souls searching for spiritual energy — all end up in Sedona, seeking and finding.

Mid-week in this red-rock country, we found a few days of calm: early morning trails around town, and afternoons in galleries seeking shelter from summer thunderstorms. Weekends bring crowds from Phoenix, just two hours to the south, but away from pavement, you can still get away into the elements.

Stormy Sedona
In any light, the vistas of Sedona are beyond belief.

Breathtaking Views
I could not believe my eyes when I caught my first glimpse of these beautiful formations. I know I will be back again.

Bell Rock
While on a roadtrip from California to Michigan, we drove through Sedona, AZ to see the red rocks. This is definitely a beautiful place to go for the outdoorsy-type or maybe geologists. The stargazing at night is amazing as well! Sometimes you can visibly see the Milky Way, but even if you don't, the stars are sure to look extraordinary!

Canyon Reflection
We were hiking in a canyon outside of Sedona and came to the end of the trail. The light was right, the air was cool enough for a jacket and the setting was sublime! An end of the day hike with gorgeous lighting and just the right amount of water to set up a spectacular reflective pool!

Enchantment Resort
There is nothing like relaxing by this pool amidst amazing red rock formations with a prickly pear margarita after a long day of hiking! The spa pool (available for all guests at the resort) also offers an "avocolada"--the best smoothie I have ever had--and a kid-free option.

The hotel staff looked slightly miffed when we asked for a long and hard hike--try Bear Mountain or Munds Wagon Trail.

View from Boynton Canyon, Sedona, AZ
Boynton Canyon is the site of one of four vortices in Sedona, AZ. At the top there are two rock formations -- one representing the masculine; the other, representing the feminine. The vortex, which represents the balance of the two elements, is in the middle.

Prepare for WOW
Sedona is a magical and mystical place, I was visiting Scottsdale for a few days and decided to visit Sedona and make a day trip out of my weekend escape, I was told by a friend that the drive there would be outstanding, so as I am driving on highway 17 all I see is desert landscape and I wonder to myself what was my friend referring to when he said the drive would be a scenic one?... then, all of a sudden , almost an hour and a half into the drive, everything changes…wow, finally the “Red Mountains”, the landscape changes dramatically as you approach Sedona, pops of earthy colors surround you , reds, mustard's, terracotta, the blue sky….take a deep breath , take in…..continue….
The red mountains, turns out, are not red at all, it’s the rust buildup in the outer mountain, soil on the ground, formed from the minerals in the soil, regardless, it is mesmerizing to look at, Sedona has a unique beauty that it’s undeniable and that can only be experienced by going there.

Drive Into Adventure
A four-wheel-drive Pink Jeep Tour will take you deep into Sedona’s vivid red rock backcountry for breathtaking views of the unique landscape and a chance to explore ancient American Indian ruins tucked into the canyon walls. Your guide provides running commentary on fascinating eco-historical experiences that add to the breathtaking, heart-pounding excitement. Whether you’re seeking rugged adventure, American Indian history and culture, the mysticism of the area’s Vortex energy centers, nature, geology or panoramic vistas, there’s an off-the-beaten-path tour just for you.

Learn to Relax
Sedona resorts are as famous for their jaw-dropping views as they are for their luxury. Family-friendly Los Abrigados Resort & Spa is located on the banks of Oak Creek and offers 22 acres of winding walkways, cascading fountains, and shady nooks. Nestled into a stunning red rock canyon, Enchantment Resort (seen here) includes Mii amo Spa, a resort within a resort, which frequently makes lists of the world’s best destination spas. L’Auberge de Sedona offers meticulously appointed guest rooms and creekside cottages within an environment so tranquil and romantic, even the most seasoned traveler is awestruck.

Sedona, AZ 86336, USA