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Oran Mor

Haggis and More at Òran Mór
Translating into ‘big song’ in Gaelic, Òran Mór is a linchpin of entertainment in Glasgow’s trendy west end. Located in the former Kelvinside Parish Church, this stunner of a venue is host to concerts (think FKA Twigs), plays (the irresistible play, pie and pint combo), and weddings (naturally) in addition to being a charming restaurant.

While I tried my first haggis in Edinburgh, it really fell flat in comparison to this one. Though it’s easy to thistle-up at the idea of eating a sheep’s innards, it’s actually of little concern once you’re hungry and diving into a plate of it.

Haggis is whipped up from a sheep’s pluck — aka their heart, liver and lungs — and comes hacked up with onion, oatmeal and plenty of spices. Following the makeover it’s pretty unrecognizable. Traditionally it comes served with neeps and tatties, a rather charming way of saying mashed turnips and potatoes. Here the goods arrive drenched in whiskey sauce and chances are, you’ll eat every bite.
Alasdair Gray's Mural at Òran Mór
Òran Mór (Gaelic for "the great song) is a Norman-Gothic church turned live music and arts venue. During the day you can enjoy a few drinks in the cozy first-floor pub then head up to the auditorium for an evening show. The jewel in Òran Mór's crown is the auditorium's intricate ceiling fresco, painted over ten years (and counting) by much-loved Glaswegian (and author of "Lanark") Alasdair Gray.

Photo by Karen Gardiner
Alasdair Gray's Mural at Òran Mór Glasgow  United Kingdom

Top of Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8QX, UK
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