National Museum of Funeral History

415 Barren Springs Drive

When you hear the name of this unusual museum—the National Museum of Funeral History—you can’t help but have a little morbid curiosity about what’s inside. The motto here is “Any day above ground is a good one,” and the inside is filled with death-related artifacts and exhibits that have included a “fantasy coffin” collection with casket shapes including a shallot, a Mercedes, and a chicken; a re-creation of a 1900s casket factory; a tribute to Batman star Adam West; a diorama on embalming practices during the Civil War; and a full-scale replica of Pope John Paul II’s crypt. Admission is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and veterans, $7 for children under 12, and free for children five and under.

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Brush Up on Your Funeral History

Did you know there was a National Museum of Funeral History? It’s true, and it’s here in Houston. People actually enjoy visiting for its large collection of hearses, coverage of the funeral traditions of many different cultures, and the random things you can learn about funerals that you’d never have heard about otherwise. It may be a little odd, but this museum is definitely worth checking out. Photo via National Museum of Funeral History Facebook page.

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