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Miss Chicago

Chicago, IL 60604, USA

Joan Miro's Fertility Goddess?

Miro calls this sculpture Moon, Sun, and One Star. Get it? No? Well, you aren’t alone.

I always get the feeling Miro is laughing a little while people look at his work and try desperately to delve into the deeper meaning. I mean, she has a fork on her head! I don’t think she’s meant to be studied so much as enjoyed.

So, enjoy our “Miss Chicago.” She’s a big presence in this tiny plaza. She looks out over the city from her private alcove while intellectuals analyze her fertility goddess shape and debate over whether she’s a statement about femininity. I think she’s cool looking and most of her creation costs came from private donations, unlike other city commissioned sculptures. I enjoy living in a city where people care enough about art to pay for something this large and quasi-comical and then embrace it.