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Looking out to sea from Larcomar
Larcomar houses spectacular views of the Peruvian coast. Nestled atop Miraflores, this high-rise park and shopping mall is a great place to people watch and sip a coffee - a relaxing departure during your time spent in Lima.
Books about Peru as souvenirs from your trip
A large and modern bookstore, Ibero Librerias has a vast collection of titles about Peruvian tourism and gastronomy in English. Grains, Peruvian cuisine and ceviches are some of the subjects you can find among the books about food. In the tourism section, you’ll be able to choose between guides and books about specific tourist destinations or books about the country and its history. These books will provide great memories from your trip, little pieces of Peru that you can bring home. Something worth mentioning: you might not see the bookstore if you are just strolling around Larcomar Mall - the entrance to Ibero Librerias is hidden in a dead-end hallway, so make sure to look for it. In the same hallway you’ll also find a good cafe and a store called Dédalo, which sells beautiful local crafts.
Books about Peru as souvenirs from your trip Miraflores  Peru

Luxury in Lima
It is possible to go to a foreign country without really knowing the native language, as I picked one of the most beautiful countries in the world to try my hand at, I would call it a success as they made me feel like I was one of them. From the beautiful views, to the luxury of a city in the States, Lima, Peru may be one of the most beautiful places to stay in the world.
Luxury in Lima Miraflores  Peru

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