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Kinabalu National Park

See the World's Biggest Flower in Borneo
The rafflesia is the world’s largest bloom and can be over 100cm in diameter. It only grows in a few places on earth. One of those places is the rain-forests of Borneo. It is the state flower of Sabah, Malaysia and Kinabalu National Park is a good place to start your search for this rare flower.

The rafflesia is a carnivorous plant that smells of rotting meat, to attract prey.

It is rare and valuable. So much so, when found, they are surrounded by fencing and a guard stays in the jungle beside the flower 24/7. It's all funded by the Kinabalu Park service to protect the plants from poachers.

If you are determined to see a rafflesia, check with the Rafflesia Information Centre, about an hour from Kota Kinabalu, while planning your trip. Guides can be arranged through their office.