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grand place

A truly Grand Place in Brussels
The Grand Place in Brussels is the magnificent main square in Brussels. The square is the main tourist attraction in Brussels and is surrounded by numerous cafes and shops. Most of the buildings were constructed in the late 17th century, although market activity in the square dates back to the 12th Century. It's a great place to hang out, grab a coffee or a liege waffle, and people watch.
win this!
these are just some of the famous Belgian chocolates that make it worth your while to visit the Grand Place market square in Brussels. Tucked in a cellar in a corner of the square is t'Kelderke a fabulous "mussels in Brussels" place not to be missed. The chocolate shops line the main square along with cafes where one can sit in the sunshine and imbibe in another Belgian treat Chimay a beer that can be aged for five years in a cellar (but have at least one while you visit!)
win this! Brussels  Belgium

the Belgian artist Renee Magritte was one of the leading members of the surrealists. His work is somewhat over exposed and may now seem all too familiar but he offered a completely differnt take on everyday objects that created cognitive dissonance that made the brain work just a bit more sharply. The Magritte Museum is located in the heart of Brussels but this shop window was located in the Grand Place where tourists can pick up various Magritte adorned souvenirs. After the museum, head past the tourist trap restaurants on Rue de Bouchers to Aux Arms des Bruxelles for a wonerful traditional meal. And if you want to overnight in the area try Le Dixseptieme. https://ledixseptieme.be
surreal Brussels  Belgium

autumn afternoon
a chill in the air didn't keep us (nor our five hundred or so 'best friends') from enjoying the outdoor cafes while the sun still shone- no matter how low in the sky. Drink the lambic beers that Belgian monks allegedly perfected and munch on frites.
autumn afternoon  Brussels  Belgium

skip this
as delectable as this display might seem, the photo was taken on the street of tourist restaurants near the Grand Place. Instead head to the pinnacle of Belgian dining at Comme Chez Soi nearby. Still among the best meals we have ever eaten- it is worth the steep "l'addition" to experience the classic fare and impeccable service.
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