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Fremont Street

Rock 'n' Roll Fremont
Yeah Baby! The Strip might get all the attention, but if you want the real Vegas the only place to go is Fremont St. With its enclosed light show of a ceiling, freak show of people watching, and rock 'n' roll show of live entertainers you could be there for hours. Of course, it has casino or two should you want to make a wager, but my bet is that you'll be fully occupied just taking it all in.

The Affordable Vegas
The Red Barn has been closed since the late '80s but the fun hasn't halted on Fremont Street. Often called "Old Vegas," the Fremont Street Experience is perhaps the one place where you won't break the bank. Street entertainers, zip-line riders screaming past overhead, and affordable drinks are all on tap.

People Watching in Downtown Vegas
The Las Vegas Strip now has a host of buskers of its very own, but the best quirky people watching is still found downtown, especially on the Fremont Street Experience. This pedestrian mall is alive with activity from street performers, musicians, artists, buskers and assorted people dressed up in costumes, not to mention the average tourist, who can often be found wearing and doing some mighty weird stuff. Take your time to wander along and enjoy the goofy things you might see as you go on your way.

Confessions of a Super Hero
Walking down Fremont Street you're bound to see people impersonating every famous character from Elvis to Predator. While these characters dress up for our amusement, it also comes at a price. I had just seen the documentary "Confessions of a Super Hero" (which I'd highly recommend) and in this photo I caught Super Man counting his wad of cash for the night.

Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV, USA