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El Korba

Korba- Cairo's Best Kept Secret
While one typically envisions riding camels through deserts when they imagine Egypt, there is so much more to Cairo. Although the donkey carts and women in gallabeya do exist, one can't help they are walking in Europe when they pass through the architectural masterpiece that is Korba. Next to Heliopolis, where the old Cairenes dwell, Korba is home to the works of classic French architecture courtesy of Alexander Marcel, who implemented aspects of South East Asia into some of his pieces such as "the Baron's palace."

Walking contradictions
The Middle East has so much more than meets the eye. Though Egyptians can be conservative, they also love a good time, and know how to party. While some say HK is the city that never sleeps, having spent a year there and walking through the streets of Soho at 3 AM completely empty, Cairo's crowded streets at 4 and 5AM on any given night are no match for HK. This picture is the epitome of the reality that is Cairo, Egypt, and the Middle East.

Garden City, Qasr an Nile, Cairo Governorate, Egypt