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Gelato with an Argentinian Flair
Dolcezza is an artisanal gelato company with several locations in the Washington, D.C. area. What makes Dolcezza unique in the world of gelaterias is that the gelato it serves up is made according to the Italian traditions in Argentina. I’m no expert in gelato to be able to tell you what the difference is between Italian and Argentine gelatos but I can tell you that what they serve at Dolcezza is truly scrumptious—creamy and smooth with intense flavor and not overly sweet.

The ingredients are locally sourced and the flavors change frequently but there is something that will be sure to tantalize your palate—from the classic gainduia to grapefruit and even avocado and Thai coconut milk! Go for an affogato if you really want to treat yourself.

Even if you’re not in the mood for gelato, you can pop into Dolcezza for a cup of coffee and a one of their unique Argentinian sweet treats sitting under the glass domes on the counter. Everything is baked in-house by a Dolcezza employee so it truly feels like you’re eating something home made. Some days you’ll find churros filled with dulce de leche. On my last visit, it was alfajors—dulce de leche sandwiched between two round biscuits made of corn flour and dipped into grated coconut. Yum!!

Don't Forget to Look Under the Domes
Dolcezza is known in D.C. for its Italian-inspired Argentinian gelato. Most people who enter the cafe make a beeline for the glass case holding the tubs of gelato. I can't blame them, as the gelato here is absolutely delicious. Often, it's only when they get to the register that they notice the sweet treats neatly stacked under the glass domes. Oh....such sweet treats, especially the Argentinian delights that are baked in-house. On most days, there will be churros but not just any kind. These have a center of luscious dulce de leche. On my last visit, it was the alfajors that tempted me from under the glass. If you don't know what alfajors are, they're a smidge of dulce de leche icing sandwiched between two cornmeal cookie rounds and the edges dipped into shredded coconut. One is never enough. You need at least two or three to go with a cup of coffee.....and maybe a few to take away.

1560 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA
+1 202-333-4646
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