Cry Baby Hill

735 W 13th St, Tulsa, OK 74127, USA

In my opinion there is one event in Tulsa that is by far the most entertaining thing to do in our city. Each summer cyclists from all over the globe come to Tulsa, OK for the Tulsa Tough Bicycle Races. The event lasts three days and is host to children’s activities and concerts in addition to the races. The pinnacle and highlight of the weekend is Sunday’s races on Riverside drive. The course runs alongside the Arkansas River and then winds through hilly residential areas. A hill named " Cry Baby Hill” is the scene for one massive block party. Freaks of all shapes and sizes line the street on both sides(which is not barricaded) while riders whiz through the ensuing anarchy. In between laps the party keeps pace with the riders. Impromptu jam bands and Djs’ keep the party going throughout the day until the last race of the day (with a purse of over $10,000 dollars) is finished and the winning riders join the crowd, PBR in hand.

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