Bellagio Las Vegas

3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Famous since its 1998 opening as the place with the dancing fountains (further immortalized in the final scene of the 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven), the 3,933-room Italian-themed Bellagio is a Las Vegas icon. There is a fantasy feel about it, with its five courtyard pools, its indoor botanical garden and conservatory that change with the seasons, its lobby-dominating Dale Chihuly blown-glass flower sculpture, and its eight-acre lake, out of which rise the fountains. Yet following a 2015 upgrade, it also feels as modern as any hotel on the Strip. The Bellagio still does a few things the old-fashioned way: Along with the expected celebrity restaurants, there is a buffet (a long-cherished Las Vegas tradition) brought up to modern standards with an all-you-can-drink alcohol option. Throughout the hotel, service is tops, shopping is high-end, the Cirque du Soleil production O draws ’em in, and—another Las Vegas tradition—a casino with nearly the area of two football fields makes it all go ‘round, which is no doubt why everybody has to be out of the pools by 7 p.m.

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Sophisticated Hotel with Tons To Do

Bellagio is luxe from the second you walk in and catch sight of the Dale Chihuly blown glass ceiling. The pool is gorgeous, as are all of the amenities on property. And of course, the garden conservatory and famous dancing fountains are events all on their own. And the restaurants are some of the very best on the Strip, from Prime steakhouse and Picasso (decorated with real Picassos), to Yellowtail and Le Cirque. Have a sunset drink at Hyde, which has the best views of the fountains.

Dale Chihuly ceiling

One of my favorite things in Las Vegas was the glass ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel, made by the world famous glass artist Dale Chiluly. It’s right by the entrance, in the main lobby dominating the entire area. You cannot enter the hotel without having to look up. In my case I could not take my eyes of it. I wanted to see it so bad, before arriving. Other Dale Chihuly pieces are scattered around the hotel, try to spot them all.

Beautiful Blown Glass

There are myriad eye-catching details that make up Sin City, but the rainbow of blown glass flowers adorning the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby was my favorite.

Richard MacDonald: Art in Vegas

Art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vegas unless you’re familiar with the term kitsch. However, sin city has always looked to please almost every palate and many impressive art exhibitions are proving to be a worthy alternative to the neon lights of the slots. At the Bellagio for example one can head to the production of O by Cirque de Soleil. Along with your ticket you’ll also get a quick exhibition by Richard MacDonald, a sculptor who created works to accompany the popular vegas strip show. If you’ve done extremely well at the tables you may even venture to purchase one or more of his works. Good luck!

Las Vegas, NV

Hands down best view in Vegas!! Enjoy drinks and dancing all while watching the fountains go off outside the Bellagio. This club is located inside the Bellagio near The Bank. It has a great atmosphere and wonderful view.

Chocolate on Chocolate

While in Las Vegas checkout the world’s tallest and largest, by volume, chocolate fountain. Located at the Jean-Phillippe Patisserie, the chocolate fountain consists of a series of platforms from which white, milk, and dark chocolate flow down through the liquid sculpture. Though encased behind a glass wall, the sculpture flows from a lower pump room up to ceiling level. Strategically placed mirrors make it difficult to see exactly how big the feature actually is, but six pumps circulate nearly two tons of chocolate through the fountain. That’s a lot of chocolate!

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