Exploring the Big Island by Sky and Sea
To understand the Big Island’s geography, take to the sea and skies around it. Head out to sea for an exploratory snorkel, stay above water on a paddleboard, or watch Kilauea's violent Ocean Entry, where lava meets the Pacific Ocean. Then leave the Big Island below and let a pilot fly you over Kilauea, above the Waipio Valley, and across lava flows that still leave scars in their path on the Big Island.

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Airborne over Waipio Valley

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Seeing the Big Island by air will have you sitting on the edge your seat anticipating what will turn up around the next mountain or valley. Waipio Valley, one of the most beautiful areas on the Island, is best seen from the air to really get a perspective of the area’s vast beauty. If staying on the ground is more your style, hit the trail and do some hiking through the Waipio area or make your way to the ocean and enjoy the sound of the surf.

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by Andrea Rip
AFAR Local Expert
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