10 Unexpected Big Island Experiences
The Big Island offers surprising revelations large and small—from unexpected snow and equestrian experiences to green sand and sunken vessels. For visitors who think Hawaii only offers sunshine and sandy beaches, the Big Island reveals unexpected opportunities to discover different ways of life, explore distinct island tastes from the sea and land, encounter unusual tropical creatures, and learn from a variety of historical sites.

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A Rare Honey from a Rare Man

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Can honey make the world a better place? Prior to traveling on the Big Island, my answer to that question was most definitely “Huh? ” most likely followed by “No.” However, after meeting Richard of the Volcano Island Honey Company and spending hours with him, my answer is now an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Richard wears a wide-brimmed floppy hat and has a gray beard and a welcoming smile. He describes himself as a retired hippie. He started as a lawyer participating in the Civil Rights movement, and ended up in a VW van traveling across the U.S. to live an "alternative" lifestyle. He wanted to show people that there’s another way to do it—"it" meaning life in general.

Richard tells me all about organic honey production at the farm. What makes this smooth, silky, mixture so unique is the way the bees are handled, and the way in which the honey is produced. The first key is this: The honey is produced from pollen that comes from the nectar of only one plant, the Kiawe flower.

In the same vein in which Richard struck out of the corporate world to show people another way, he revolutionized organic honey production. Richard is making the world a better place and teaching people to accept and embrace different ways to produce honey. He calls it his Bee-green initiative.

More Information: http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/honey-farm-tour-hawaii/
Location: 46-4013 Puaono Road, Honokaa, HI
Tours available and Gift Shop

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by Sherry Ott
AFAR Ambassador

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