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Mariachis in Mexico City

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Sitting at a table in the middle of a huge Cantina in Plaza de Garibaldi, it finally hit me.

There are two kinds of men in Mexico City: Mariachis and those who wish they were Mariachis.

I’d heard stories about the Plaza earlier during the day but nothing had quite prepared me for what I saw.

As we approached the square, I saw a sea of Mariachis fully decked out in their hats & ornate suits, decorated with silver embellishments. It was like a Mariachi Convention, except this was just another day in Mexico City.

The Mariachis epitomize everything that’s great about this city. They’ll break into a song at the drop of a sombrero. They wear amazing costumes that look like they were created after a dry cleaning van broke into a jewelry store. And they can inject energy into a room like a double shot of espresso.

Kitsch, gaudiness, and bravado combine to create unexpected results. The warmth and friendliness of this city is palpable in every interaction.

Yes it’s gritty. Yes it’s crowded. Yes it’s chaotic. But I doubt you’ll find a place that can pack more fun into a dollar.

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